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Things You Should Know About Wedding Photography

Things You Should Know About Wedding Photography

Weddings are some of the most precious events in a person’s life, on this special day, two people pledge to share all that they have for the rest of their lives, when you think about it that way it makes sense why people spend vast amounts of their money on one occasion. There are countless expenses on a wedding, from hiring a catering service to setting up the wedding hall, all of which combines to produce a perfect event. On every wedding there are people who are taking pictures and making videos to immortalize all the precious moments of that day, there are numerous wedding photographers out there who provide professional photography and videography services.

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One might ask what’s the point of paying someone to take pictures of the event when almost everyone nowadays has smartphones with great cameras on them? You could also ask a friend to help you out for free if they have a DSLR camera. The answer to that is simple, photography isn’t something as simple as pointing a camera and clicking a button, it requires skill and knowledge, otherwise a picture can never do justice to the moment that it captures. Wedding photographers have the right equipment and the experience needed to provide superb coverage, and they do more than just take pictures and make videos, they offer a variety of other services such as editing pictures, making digital and hard copy albums and carrying out special photo shoots of the bride and the groom.

Every wedding photography service offers different packages, each package has a set of services that cover the event, depending on your budget you could go for their most comprehensive package, one that provides the complete coverage of the event. Some photographers even give you the option to come up with a customized package that suits your requirements, there’s a lot of options to choose from so make sure to take a look at at least 3 to 4 wedding photographers before deciding on one. You should keep in mind to go for a photographer who readily adjusts to your schedule, a wedding is a special day on which you shouldn’t have to make any compromises at all. A wedding photographer doesn’t come cheap, but their services are worth the money since they can help you immortalize your precious day in all its glory.

Planning a Wedding on a Tight Budget

Planning a Wedding on a Tight Budget: How to Do It

You don’t need to be a millionaire or in-debt yourself to death in order to organize a magnificent wedding. If you want to learn how you can do it the low-cost way, then you are free to read this article where we will reveal important tips to you.

First off, we need to start by checking your list of guests. When organizing a low-cost wedding you need to cut down this list, in order to rent a more affordable venue or even organize it on your backyard.

You would be amazed if you knew how many persons actually organize wedding in their backyards. It’s fun, it’s free and it’s awesome to host such an important event in your very own house.

You should only invite those who really add value to your life or those you appreciate quite a lot. Now you only need to do that, because if you do, then you will accomplish a very good wedding, because thanks to this you will be able to remain in the low-cost zone.

The Food:

As the wedding is going to be kind of small you won’t have to order a lot of food, and you won’t have to feed many vendors. All of this will reduce the price of your wedding to a very good level, so you can spend on it without dying on the trying.

You can also save even more money if you serve different meal to the guests and the vendors. For some people it’s not right, but you can still serve your vendors something good yet less expensive than the meal served to your guests.

This is a very useful and actually effective tip, so we recommend you to apply it. Because as a result you will save quite a bit of money and be able to use it on better things.

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The Entertainment:

Sometimes it’s better to go with an all-in-1 solution, because many people who are dedicated to this business will be more than happy to offer you this kind of solution for your wedding, which includes the entertainment, food and many other things.

You should consider hiring a wedding DJ. More often than not they have very attractive prices that will deliver an amazing value. A DJ of this kind can bring a real show to your wedding even if you are in a budget.

Final Words:

You can also check out low-cost souvenirs you can do on your own in order to bring them to your guests. This kind of thing can save a lot of money and yet deliver an amazing experience, because a wedding without good souvenirs is a good wedding.

So these are the tips we wanted to bring you. Now we invite you to apply all of this into planning your low-cost wedding. You can rest easy, because you will see that organizing it is a lot easier than you think.

Wedding Planning Tips for 2017

Tips for planning a wedding in 2017

Wedding planning season is upon us. The booking process for most vendors is at its busiest right now. If you’re still planning on a summer wedding, it is probably time to look at a Friday or Sunday wedding. Here are a few of the trends I’m noticing for 2017.

Smaller Weddings

A mix between the elopements of 2016 and the larger outdoor weddings of 2015. These mix the best of both. You get to have the epic beautiful locations of an elopement, with all of your favorite people around you. Watch for more “un-venue” weddings this year. People are ditching the traditional wedding venue and finding alternatives, like farmer’s fields or forest meadows. We like to see these around 25-50 guests. The trade off to these remote locations is generally electricity being a challenge. We often run a small generator to run the reception and ceremony music.

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Farm to Table

We’re also seeing a lot of Farm to Table dinner style weddings. These make dinner the main event of the night. Nothing is better than a grand feast with your closest friends and family to celebrate your wedding vows. Find places near you that offer farm to table dinners and see if they can do a wedding! If you need more inspiration, check out Kinfolk‘s dinners.

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Our clients are putting most of their energy into creating a great party atmosphere for their reception. Traditions are going to the wayside in order to concentrate on having great memories with the people that matter most to them. DJ’s spinning vinyl, late-night snacks, great beer, wine, and cocktails are all a high priority. No more awkward garter toss, instead it’s replaced with Uncle Larry’s epic dance moves.